Life most certainly goes by in a flash. There are memories to cherish, people to miss, moments to revisit and lessons that last for life. The memories, people, moments and lessons make life worth living… a complete package. Nevertheless we find it painful to have lost each one of these. We feel nostalgic and smile wistfully when we remember each of these. We sometimes wish they could have lasted.
This realization came to me today and struck me quite hard when I was actually clearing up the photos and videos from my iPhone.
 I attached my phone to the laptop and clicked on transfer photos. I chose to remove the photos from my phone’s memory as they were transferred to the laptop. Like a flashback of memories my photos started getting transferred onto the laptop. In a random sequence I began viewing the events from last year till today. My sisters first day in Pakistan last Ramadan to my father’s surgery… the faces filled with fear to the faces showing relief; the many weddings that followed with all their color and festivity; Our pictures as tourists, sometimes sleeping, then waking, next  walking and then suddenly on a train in some different clothes on a different day. The pictures were in as much of a random sequence as our disorderly recollection sometimes is.  The names of places that were related to them came and went in my mind as did the sights and sounds we encountered. I saw our beautiful sacrificial animals, our eid clothes and the many little cute acts of my kids that I like to capture.
The realization came when all the photos and videos were transferred and they started clearing up from my phone. Just as quickly as I’d seen them coming and experienced a rapid flashback, they started vanishing from my phone. They went From 463 to 400 in few seconds and to zilch in the next few seconds. I got goose bumps. This is the reality of life! The life that we believe lasts for 30, 40 80 or as many years as we live in this world is actually just a snap of our fingers in terms of Time.
Indeed we can only feel content and happy if we live each day as our first and last day in this world. Allah SWT is indeed merciful and compassionate in His dealings with His creation. He sends us these messages in the mundane acts of everyday life.
 May Allah swt make each day and every moment of life one of happiness and contentment and above all His remembrance!
I hope on the Day of Judgment I’m shown a beautiful flashback of life with all my sins deleted from it! Ya Allah forgive us and our parents and siblings and the ummah for all the wrongs that we have committed in this life and make the hereafter easy for us, ameen!