Winter and nostalgia go hand in hand. Steamy cups of coffee and soft rays of sunlight often lead us to humming a familiar tune or exhaling a crisp breath in memory of somebody long lost. 

The winds have been merciless lately in comparison to the mild winters we always get. Stealing a few moments from my breakfast routine I bask in the beautiful sunlight filling my porch... and the image of my long gone Nanoo floats in front of my eyes: 

Her waist-length hair creating a frizzy silver halo around her pudgy stout figure as she would soak the sun rays and read the morning paper in winters. The papers rustled and Nanoo shook her head gently to fix her flowy silver hair. Eye glasses perched on her perfect royal nose beneath her broad forehead; the mark of regal beauty. 
She wore a maroon men's sleeveless sweater on top of her snowy white clothes. Her skin flushed red by the hot morning shower followed by the sun soaking session. Seriousness creased her brows and the warmth of the winter sun gave her little soft silver goosebumps. 

I shake myself and come back from the abyss that memories can be sometimes. There are still more memories to make. I make a prayer for her. A sincere one. May Allah swt grant my Nanoo warmth and comfort in jannah, ameen!