Still In Hajj Mode, Every Dhull Hajjah

Bismillah Ir Rahman Ir Raheem

I certainly have not been loyal to my dear blog. Although I've taught and encouraged blogging to 11-15 year olds in the last year and referred my favorite blogs to many colleagues who are my age or older, yet, I have failed to continue my blogging succesfully. In my heart, though, i believe that one should go on even if there has been a lapse or an absence. So here I am, living my belief:)

This Islamic year, 1434, began in November while 1433 ended with Dhul Hajjah being celebrated and talked about in great fervour alhumdulillah. This was my second Dhul Hajjah since I performed Hajj. wow! Alhumdulillah! I performed Hajj... ordinary me! I tried to fulfill all the sunnahs recommended for the first ten days of Dhul Hajjah. I made a facebook page around Yom-i-Arafah and alhumdulillah got around 100 people to join. I wept everytime I recited the takbeer. I also rang up my hajj group members on Yom -i- Arafah and talked about our amazing journey together. There did, however, remain a little twinge of guilt in my heart. And it has continued to pinch my conscience constantly. The day of Hajj is not a mere celebration. It is not a pilgrimage based on mythical or imaginary beliefs. It is actually an effort to relive and perform recommended acts of sunnah to gain the Almighty's extreme mercy. The day of Hajj commemorates the Holy Prophet (S)'s farewell sermon and is a reminder of Prophet Ibrahim (AS)'s numerous sacrifices too. And then there are times when I feel that I do recognize its grandeur and the obligations it poses... Still there remain so many promises to be fulfilled!! Only recognizing and holding dear the many facets of this journey won't earn me my bakhshish... Its a commitment we have to make with ourselves ... A vow we take that shouldn't be left unfulfilled!! Sigh... 

But as I've been taught at work: Do, Strive, Rise... I have to keep at it and ensure my bakhshish by at least trying to fulfill te vows I made... 

May Allah swt guide me to living up to my hajj


  1. thanks sanya for giving words to my thoughts. jazakallah for sharing would be waiting for more.


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