Alhumdulillah we have all successfully completed the month of ramadaan, thirty days of spiritual enrichment, joy and festivity!
The much awaited and longed for month just quickly came and went... It was a matter of immense joy and utter disappointment, both!
All thanks to the Almighty for His rehma in giving us another succesful ramadaan...
I tried my best to devote myself to salaah, qiyaam, quraan and siyaam alhumdulillah! Yet I knew in the heart of my hearts that it could never be enough!
Anyhow, summing up ramadaan would be one tough task, however I have decided on jotting down my most important(closest to my heart) ramadaan minutes...

* We welcomed ramadaan by making arrangements for the first taraweeh alhumdulillah, Little Friend took off excitedly with his brothers for the first important salaah of the month...
* The air became well-lit with noor; Quraan recitation filled the atmosphere alhumdulillah!
* Yahya's school timings were altered. I organized my routine around his school timings and fasting, alhumdulillah!
* We spent much lesser time in front of the tube... I believe Satan was  really constrained throughout the blessed month!
* Mina tried forcing food in our mouths constantly failing to understand what fasting really meant :)
* We focused on making iftaar as simple as possible so that we could support the flood-victims in spirit...
* I particularly enjoy ramadaan nights always... Maybe because the kids are fast asleep and the men are gone for salaah, gives me ample time to pray in silence alhumdulillah!
* alhumdulillah for the blessings of suhoor, we almost got our tahajjud daily... also I learned from my lovely eldest sister that our Beloved Prophet(saw) would recite ayaah nos. 190-194 from Surah Aali Imraan after tahajjud salaah... may Allah swt reward her for sharing this information with me...
* almost daily we commented on how quickly ramadaan was going by! before we knew it the first ashra was coming to an end and I was urgently reciting duaas meant for that ashra as well as begging Allah swt to give us this blessed oppurtunity over and over again... I felt like I realized too late! It seemed like I had lost something!
* the second ashra brought lovely weather alhumdulillah! fasting had never seemed this easy even in winters! Allah swt showered us with rehma!
* ramadaan took away all the worldliness away from us for a blessed thirty days... everyone avoided gossiping, or wasting time on the phone and the net, or even talking uselessly, like an unspoken rule... alhumdulillah!
* I praised Little Friend for his energy... fasting, going to work, grocery shopping and offering taraweeh... he did it all in the highest of spirits mashAllah!
* alhumdulillah it makes me really happy to say that maybe I could not pray enough but atleast we managed to devote ourselves to ramadaan... we avoided all other activities... Allah swt is so merciful that I believe everybody shuns their desires happily and are able to indulge in prayers whole-heartedly!
* there are so many ladies I know who manage to complete their recitation of the Holy Quran more than once mashAllah! I envy them and admire them... May Allah swt reward them abundantly for making the effort, Ameen!
I did complete the recitation once alhumdulillah,but also tried to go over as much of the translation as I could... I will try and base my future posts on as many ayaahs of the Quraan as possible inshAllah as there were numerous instances when I got goosebumps while reading the translation...
* either it was the flood situation in Pakistan or the feeling of gratitude towards Allah swt that had me over whelmed at iftaar time almost daily... the first date in my mouth at the sound of the adhaan would set a stream of tears flowing down my face, alhumdulillah!
* I really missed, both, my mom and Little Friend's mom tremendously :(
the bright side of the situation would be that missing them made me pray for them a lot!
* the arrival of the third ashra was again a reminder of our parting with the blessed month... my sister in Canada had her third ashra before us... she felt mixed feelings of sadness and happiness when I congratulated her on the arrival of the third ashra...
* the last ashra brought more of Allah's rehma as a pleasant surprise for us, alhumdulillah!
* I actually sat and cried(probably just a mood swing, lollllz) telling Little Friend that I had wasted alllll my time during ramadaan... I had absolutely not done enough to earn the pleasure of Allah swt! there was truth in the statement, nevertheless I am quite sure now that I over reacted and could have done less of crying and complaining(drama queen me, hehehe)...
* the beginning of the Blessed Alternate Nights, Layla tul Qadr had mosques over flowing with the chosen ones of Allah swt observing the "itikaaf"
* alhumdulillah two of my sisters were also able to observe the "itikaaf" successfully! im so happy for them!!
* I missed mom... imagining her observing the "itikaaf" in the gardens and palaces of Jannah, just as she did when she was with us...
* I was actually happy and relieved when the moon was not sighted on the 30th evening of ramadaan... it felt like we had been rewarded some bonus time alhumdulillah!
*  and then arrived the last night of ramadaan, when eid preps were underway... this time I did not exactly over react, however I wept into my Quraan hearing the call of the maghrib Adhhan, hoping and praying silently that we all would live to see many more ramadaan InshAllah!
* we all received numerous text messages on how even the sky was weeping (mashAllah scattered thunderstorms) at the departure of the Blessed Month!
* soon the text messages changed into happy Eid ul Fitr messages... the muslim world was united in celebration alhumdulillah!

May Allah swt keep the muslim ummah united in qiyaam, salaah, siyaam and salaam , Ameen!
May the muslim ummah live in the blessings and happiness of ramadaan, always, Ameen!

Fi Aman Allah Ramadaan... I will miss you till you next arrive to fill our lives with renewed joy, spiritual enlightenment and the blessings of Allah swt inshAllah!
Alhumdulillah for a very blessed and fulfillinf ramadaan!


  1. o dear sister u make me cry!! how i miss ramadan!!! I thought it would be same as before after Ramadan, but i feel empty space inside myself now. The Shaitan IS unleashed, i feel it, and that blessed covering of ramadan wing has been pulled away. I cannot convey my feelings, but i don't need to, for you probably are feeling the same way as i do. But it is so very sad, as if someone in your family has left you...someone very dear to you , someone who helped you a lot.
    I m very happy that you had a productive ramadan alhamdulillah...and we all have mood swings..."GIRLS!!" hehe...
    I had been excrutiatingly waiting for your post for the past 2 weeks... everyday I checked to my disappointment, but then i said to myself "it's ramadan and your sister is reaping benefits of each of its moment" and that made me content. =D
    May Allah(SWT) take us all back into the spirit of Ramadan, and give us those blessings from HIS mercy on everyday basis. O ALLAAH(SWT) take us under YOur protection and rehma until we reach the next Blessed month, and make that and every Ramadan best parts of our lives. ameen.

  2. salaams dear sister! it is so wonderful that we share the sentiment alhumdulillah! Ameen to ur lovly duaa!
    im always touched by ur genuine feedback,
    jazakAllah dear!
    may Allah swt fill ur life with health, happiness and love, Ameen!


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