Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem!
I just realized the other day that I dont begin my posts with Allah swt's name!
It surprised me that I had missed it all this while!
And then to think that He still made each post better than the other for my readers!
So now i'll make it a point to begin all posts with Bismillah IA!

This post can not probably be considered a proper post. It will not be of the length and detail that a blog post requires to be called a blog post. Yet, I just had to write these few lines that I found very special!

 I could not help but thank Allah swt for the beautiful man He has united me with!
Little Friend can say the best things without even knowing how special each word is!
He told me recently, during a very normal conversation at the dinner table, that I was the answer to his duaas from Allah swt! Imagine how touched I was! There could not be a feeling more special than the one I got at hearing these words! I am an ordinary human being, with a very ordinary personality, moreover with a very ordinary  appearance! And I have known all along that my hubby holds me very dear in his heart! But these words are historic!
Alhumdulillah! I hope and pray that all muslimahs land even loevlier husbands, Ameen! I realized the sanctity of Nikah and the importance of marriage in deen! Alhumdulillah! It is a beautiful unison, especially from Allah swt! SubhanAllah!
I love Little Friend for the little things he says that change my perception on life each time, alhumdulillah!
There could not be a better match for me than him, alhumdulillah!
Truly all pairs are made in heaven! Wow! SubhanAllah!


  1. salamunalaikum.

    Mashallah-Alhumdulillah!Your were ordinary before marriage but Allah(swt) made you an extraordinary women by giving you a lovely little friend.Blessed be you both.A'meen.

    btw this post was very joyful to read.Shukran for sharing the historic words with us.I hope it will be of help to many of us.

    I simply ask Allah(swt) to tighten your knot of marriage with mutual understanding,compassion,love,peace and mercy.A'meen.

  2. Ameen!
    :) jazakAllah brother!!!
    Im glad I was able to touch a few hearts with my words!


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