I love my dear hubby for having said his five times prayers all his life, Alhumdulillah!

I love the one who I call Little Friend for having observed ramadaan with full religious zeal and sincerety ever since he was a little 13 year old playing cricket in the streets... Alhumdulillah!

I adore the man who is certainly my better half for his modesty and shyness... alhumdulillah!

I especially love him in the ihram when the pure person inside him surfaces making his innocent face glow... alhumdulillah!

I love you for being the muslim that you are my dear! Thanks for being my inspiration.... Thanks for being my teacher... Thanks for being my strongest support... alhumdulllah! Thanks Ya Hayati!!!


  1. i love the romance in this post. i love your gratefulness.. mashallah :)

    p.s. ramadan mubarak :)

  2. salaams sister! jazakAllah! ramadaan kareem, may Allah swt reward you for your qiyaam salaah duaa n salaah, Ameen!


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