When Did We Become De-Sensitized???

I remember keeping track of all the beauty pageants that took place in the world while I was just a little child. My elder sister, cousin and I followed the pageants as they led to the grand finale, Miss World Pageant... We actively commented on how each model smiled and talked and walked... It was endless...
At this point I would say an endless waste of time! This morning as I surfed channels to find the Saudi Channel, I stumbled upon the Miss Universe pageant that was actually happening live... In memory of my childhood I decided to watch a few minutes of it (especially since it has been a decade since we had watched it last)so that I could update my sister also on how "amazing" it was this year. And to my utter surprise, I found myself loathing every bit of it! Maybe because it was a ramadaan morning, or maybe because I have distanced myself completely from the filth of this world by the grace of Allah swt... For whatever reason, I was first repulsed by the sight of half-dressed women strutting on the ramp showing off their bodies; then I felt sympathy for the poor ladies for their Ignorance!

The west is always fussing about how a woman needs to feel secure and liberated and loved. But I do not seem to comprehend their idea of "security, liberty and love". If displaying our body is their concept liberation; feeling concious of who is watching us and who is admiring us gives them a sense of love and security, then really I fail to understand their ideals! These poor women might find comfort and peace in doing what they do best, but to me it seems like they are selling themselves off to the world! Isn't that how it works? Getting paid for displaying yourself???!!! I was sincerely concerned for these ladies and prayed that Allah swt guide them out of this shamelessness and immodesty!

As for my sister, my cousin and myself, I wondered when exactly had we become desensitized to watching half-dressed women??? We were born in Muslim households  that carried sub-continental values and taught shame and modesty while a girl was still just three years old! Then how and when was it that we began enjoying these so-called "beauty" pageants??? Did we never feel that these ladies were a bit too exposed??? I do not remember ever feeling for these events or these ladies what I felt today. And I thank Allah swt immensely for distancing us from the immodesties of this world! Alhumdulillah! Above all, I know for sure that my sister shares my sentiments! Alhumdulillah!

I fear desensitization today like I have never feared it before!
I pray Allah swt protects the off-springs of the entire ummah from this horrible paralysis of the senses that could lead to immodesty, Ameen!


  1. For West women showing off their bodies is an indication of female emancipation! This is their way of telling the world that they have advanced.....what ignorant and ill-bred creatures of God they are. We as muslims Sincerely pray that Allah show these astray people the straight way. Ameen.


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