Ya Allah!

Lately, I have been praying and begging Allah swt to distance me from people who create fitna in my life. I also ask Allah swt to grant these people in discussion with hidaya. A mere visit by such people lead me into back-biting, lying and mis behaving. Back-biting happens when they leave and I discuss what a pain they have been... Lying takes place when I twist facts to avoid answering queries made by these irritatingly curious people. And in the end, they cross their limits in questioning me and lead me into saying something completely unlike myself; something that comes to me on impulse; something that I could have said a bit tactfully! Oh how I regret my entire conduct!

And then, there are times when I am sure that these people were probably not as wrong as I was in the way I acted! The realization is so painful that Shaytaan coaxed me into carrying out acts that cause Allah's displeasure. How could I so easily be led into doing something so wrong???!!! Ya Allah! It gets so difficult to decide between right and wrong sometimes! A reality check mostly helps me conclude that I could have been more rational and tactful! I could have controlled myself and done better. I could easily have avoided back-biting! Nothing is worth devouring your dead brother's flesh! Ya Allah!!!

Some people can just be too difficult to handle. I can only ask Allah swt for guidance and distance from all fitna-causing elements, be it from among His creation or man-made inventions...

May Allah swt grant us all with hidaya, sabr and shukr... Ameen!


  1. May I make a suggestion sister... keep reciting durud shareef and surah naas continuously while they are present. May Allah(SWT) bless your heart and soul.ameen.

  2. Ameen ya RabbilAalimeen!
    jazakAllah al khair for ur sincere suggestion! you are right, the recitation wii help protect me from all evils as well as give me peace within inshAllah!
    very thoughtful of you to have read this post and for making duaa for me...


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