Innocent Wide-Eyed Questioning

My son, who just turned six mashaAllah, has the roundest most beautiful eyes in the world mashaAllah:)
The size and shape of his eyes lands them an innocent and dreamy look! Long lashes shade his wide eyes. When sleepy, his eyes speak for him. When sad, they are quick to show his emotions. When learning something new, enchantment and enlightenment sparkle in his eyes. When happy, his eyes shine with joy and contentment. When afraid of the unknown, they reflect the horror in his heart. When confused, surprise and confusion widen his eyes! It is in these wide-eyed moments that I find much amusement and happiness. The queries are sometimes intelligent and a lot of times very simple and amusing. He bats his eyes in wonder when I answer a query. His mind races to form images with my words. A lot of times he already has another question lined even before I have finished answering the previous one:) Very often, sleep finds its way in those large eyes just as I launch into any details that would assist my answer:) His right eye becomes smaller than the left one at such times. I see the intelligent look in those eyes fade into sleepiness. I kiss his eyes shut and voila! Yahya is suddenly in deep slumber as his long lashes take one last sweep and heavy eye lids fall shut... Dreams replace visuals in his closed eyes and he becomes part of the nocturnal world.

I love the windows to my son's soul alhamdolillah!


  1. Salam sister, Beautiful blog you have here. Jazaka ALlah Khairan for the reminders and experiences you post here.

  2. waalaikum salam wr wb sister hagar! im actually touched by your comment, jazakAllah for your lovely comment... im actually your fan ever since i started keeping up with grow mama:)keep us in ur duaas, tc


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