Gentleness and deen...

There is a very famous story of Hazrat Suleman (A) and the Ants. Prophet Sulemaan (A) is known to have been able to speak to animals and the jinn. In this particular story, Prophet Sulemaan (A) is said to have been riding with his men in the desert when an army of ants sees them. The chief of the ants warns the others to get away from the way of the riders as they would mercilessly crush them otherwise! The prophet smiled gently and ordered his men to swerve away from the path of the tiny ants and eased away the worries of the ants.

Just as much as this story is about the miracles of the great Prophet of Allah swt and the powers that Allah swt had gifted his prophets with, this story is also a reminder of the gentleness and affection that the great prophets felt for the Creation of Allah swt.

We have numerous examples of tenderness and love in the life and teachings of our Last Prophet(S). Kindness towards plants, animals and humans alike; towards children, the elderly and the poor; towards our friends and enemies( when they are helpless and in our domain ).

Tenderness helps build relationships. It leads to the strengthening of bonds. Tenderness compels us to realize the plight of others. It becomes the solutions to so many problems. We manage to remain silent when agitated by old parents, or bothered by our innocent wide-eyed off-springs. It helps us donate to charities and show compassion for those in crisis!

But what is it that leads to our hearts becoming gentle and soft?!! The Holy Quran and the love of Allah swt. The belief in His supreme being releases us from the stronghold of pride. It fills us with humility. As for the Holy Quran, simply the recitation of this great book softens our hearts. It softened the hearts of the greatest of evil men! The words of this grand book brought the hardest of men towards deen. SubhanAllah!

My teachers in kindness and gentleness were my mom and now my dear hubby! Mom was the kindest and gentlest women I knew of. And my dear husband is the best and gentlest of men ive ever known or will ever know. Alhamdolillah! Ive seen deen do the magic of tenderness in the very words of these two favorite people of mine!

May the love of Allah swt and the magic of the Holy Quran soften our hearts and inspire us towards gentleness and love for Creation! Ameen.