Alhamdolillah for everything

Temperatures are rising. Pakistan is generally hot, especially at this time of the year. With rising temperatures come electricity issues. Today, also, we did not have electricity for five hours altogether. Yahya got vaccinated, we came home, and poof the electricity went out. Mina has a bad throat, we saw the doctor, came home and poof... the electricity went out! Little Friend had a long day in Lahore yesterday, he wanted a nice nap after lunch today, just as he hit the sack and I ushered the kids to their room where I could keep them busy, poof... the electricity went out! A series of power outages followed by bouts of frustration at our government, the heat and the inability to watch t.v or charge our mobile phones in time! What we kept missing out on were the many facilities we still enjoyed as compared to a great percentage of Pakistanis who suffered a great deal more in this heat coupled with the power outages. Alhamdolillah we have a u.p.s and a generator system. Other than that we have air conditioners that are immediately turned on once electricity is restored. To avoid complete darkness at night my dear Little Friend has made adequate arrangements including two rechargeable lights and ofcourse the generator and u.p.s.! To top it all, if the lights are out for very long, Little Friend is kind enough to take us for a ride. We return all freshened up and cooled down.
How blessed are we! How merciful has our Lord been! How fortunate are we! When we hit the roads and go around having ice cream and cracking jokes and listening to our kids sing along with their favorite nasheeds, we happen to pass by lines upon lines of apartment buildings that have paint chipping off and . Tiny apartments with almost no ventilation are home for families that cannot afford any generators or u.p.s. There could be pregnant ladies living in them, or people suffering from illnesses, or even little children who just need space to breathe freely and run around to break free from the monotony and boredom caused by constant power outages. But what makes them better off than us is their happiness and contentment inspite of the problems they face. They find happiness in the sounds of life they can hear in their tiny windowless apartments several feet above ground. They are content in simply accomplishing their daily tasks succesfully. Those tasks might include collecting and saving enough water during supply time, for the next 24 hours, in buckets, drums and cans.
How thankless are we! How can we even imagine complaining! Will we be able to face Allah swt on the Day of Qiyaamah!
I hope that we all become truly happy and content people. And I hope that we quit counting the blessings of those who are materially ahead of us, and that we begin considering the blessings those who find peace and happiness in deen!

May Allah swt guide us to being grateful and truly happy Muslims. Ameen


  1. Please change the colour of the background and the font. Your blog is very unreadable with the ones you've chosen right now!

  2. salaams, jazakAllah for your sincere suggestion... my hubby would agree as well:) ... i would sure love to know who this is though, surely somebody im familiar with!!! i'll work on the changes right away inshaAllah


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