Women are from hell,Men are from heaven...

assalam u alaikum!

the other day i read an article posted by a wonderful islamic group on facebook, that had an explanation to the hadeeth shareef of our Beloved Prophet(s), indicating that there will be more women in hell than in heaven! Just as alarming as this might be, i believe that it was indeed very merciful of Allah swt to have warned us through the Last Prophet(s) about the kind of trouble we could get ourselves into!As the prophet(s) himself said in his last address that our deen had been completed for us; and I believe that certainly in the life of the Holy Prophet(s) and his teachings Allah swt really did cover all aspects of life, human conduct, psychology and development for our guidance.
Returning to the hadeeth-i-mubarakah, when we go in it's details, the prophet(s) explained the women present in His(s) day that women tend to compare their husbands to other men and no matter how kind and loving their partners are they do not feel completely satisfied by them. Which is why they should make more sadaqaat and save themselves from the fires of hell! when the women heard our Holy Prophet(s) say this, they began throwing their jewels out of fear in the cloth that Hazrat Bilal(R) held for the collection of sadaqaat.
The question that rises here is whether we are well-informed about these matters or not! And if we are, do we work towards rectifying our behaviors and thought processes or not! I certainly have no right to comment on the issue, as I myself am too inexperienced in this context. But as deeni sisters we could help and guide each other on the matter. A lot of times we have friends telling us how grumpy their husbands can be or how "demanding" their husbands are... I seriously want to know what the term "demanding" really inplies?!!! If their spouse is loyal to them and not seeing any other woman, and if he is caring about the needs of his family, then why is it that women "demand" for him to be soft-spoken, social, funny and compromising as well! Maybe I am unable to relate to their problem, but if the guy wants to live with his parents, or avoid late-nights-out or tends to go quiet after a hard day at work, then its not men who are asking for too much its us women who are asking for too much!!! If we consider the hadeeth shareef that i have referred to here, then we are earning hell for ourselves! These minor complains will close the doors of heaven on us! We will be shunned! Is it not a great mercy on us from our Almighty Lord that He has provided us guidance?!! And is it not highly ignorant of us to not pay any heed to that guidance and continue whimpering over absolutely nothing! Alhamdolillah majority households nowadays are much more liberal, tolerant and so-not-demanding as compared to those of the previous generations! Yet we manage to find faults and mope over them, succeeding in pleasing Shaytaan and failing in earning the pleasure of Allah swt!
It is time that we educate our sisters, daughters, nieces, friends, relatives and all other females who we interact with to become more tolerant and thankful to Allah swt for His blessings. Instead of searching for faults, we should reconsider the blessings we daily thank Allah for. InshAllah daily all my sisters and I will find a hundred more reasons to thank Allah swt for!
May Allah swt open doors of His guidance on us; may we earn the pleasure of Allah swt and turn to His merciful Being only when we need help. Ameen