Reminders for Today

I picked all these reminders from wonderful islamic groups that i have joined online. I am sure they will be helpful and enlightening for everybody InshAllah!

1-Abu Hurayrah reported Allaah’s Messenger (S.A.W) as saying: There is none whose deeds alone would entitle him to get into Paradise. It was said to him: And, Allah’s Messenger, not even you? Thereupon he said: Not even I, but that my Lord wraps me in Mercy. [Muslim, Book 39, 15, #6761]

2-“Nay! (Man denies Resurrection and Reckoning. So) he desires to continue committing sins. He asks: “When will be this Day of Resurrection?”....(Quran Al-Qiyaamah 75:5)

3-"Do not walk upon the earth except in humbleness, For how many people underneath it are more exalted than you! If you are in glory, goodness and strength, Then how many have died that were more stronger than you." [Al-Kirizi]

4-If it's truly for the sake of Allah, do not get hurt and do not become angry. Keep your cool when you run across problems in the 'Dawah Scene' or when giving sincere advice. It's not about you after all, it's about the pleasure of Allah. :-)