After having followed quite a few blogs, for quite sometime, I have finally decided to launch my own blogspot. I really dont know how it will be received. Neither do I have a dedicated readership that I am aiming at pleasing. My purpose in beginning a blogspot is simply to use this space as an outlet for my feelings and my so-called knack for writing.

I have not come across a single woman in so long who does not have the need to speak her mind. And I, like the entire female specie have a lot to share with the world. My insights as a mom, a wife, a siter and a daughter; my intellect(it may be borrowed a lot of times in the form of islamic matter that i will have to take from reliable sources); and my personal experiences.
When i speak of experiences they will not always be mine either. Being the youngest among my siblings and then in my husband's family, I have managed to learn a lot from the expriences of the people around me! I, too, have a learnt a harsh lesson or two at the hands of the cruel selfish world. But that remains my asset. Allah swt has been very kind and merciful. These harsh experiences have made a better person of me, given me more perspective and finally helped me realize the many blessings that Allah swt has graciously granted me with all my life!
I am really excited at finally being part of the blogosphere, hence Im sure I will be found posting daily. But I hope I remain just as excited in future and frequently update my space.

May Allah swt guide and protect us all. Ameen,


  1. assalamoalikum warehmutullahi wabarakatu!
    love you sister for the One Who connects hearts.

  2. jazakAllah al khair fortaking the time to review my blog! its a MINOR effort in the way of deen, may Allah swt accept all our efforts and ibaadah, Ameen!

    love u back for the sake of Allah swt!


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