Allah u Akber!!!

Today's reminders have me completely over whelmed! JazakAllah to the group admins for managing their groups with loyalty, complete earnesty and hard work:

1-Prophet (SAW) said, “The Fire complained to its Lord saying, O Lord! I am eating up myself (burning), so Allah allowed it to release two breaths, one during the winter and one during the summer; the coldest days you experience result from the breath of Zamhareer (cold punishment in Hell), and the hottest days you experience result from the breath of Fire” (Bukhaari);

2-The Prophet (SAW) “The least among the people of Hell in punishment is one whose sandals and laces are of fire from which his brain boils as a pot of water would boil (when set on fire), he will not think that there is anyone being punished more than him, but in reality, he is the least in punishment” (Bukhaari & Muslim)

3-"Indeed, Allah will aid those who aid His cause. Indeed Allah is all-Powerful, all-Mighty." [22:40]