it is an irony that we thank Allah swt for His bounties, graciousness and mercies when we recall the problems we had once suffered! I was reflecting in a similar manner this morning in order to thank the Almighty for the blessings I have right now in life. Life was not easy. But Allah swt was very merciful and guided me and my family through the thorny path without receiving a single scratch. My heart weeps when I think of the sufferings of the past. I dislike people for an instant. I hate the world for its ways. But then i begin seeing the graciousness of Allah swt that he showered upon us even while we thought we were living the bleakest moments of our lives! Allah swt was helping us by showing us the ways of the world. he was guiding us through a very difficult path so that we would call upon him mor often. Allah swt was showing us His "qudrat" , His might by leading us towards the solutions of our problems. He brought happiness and joy to our weeping souls. He swt replaced agony with relief for us. His merciful Being granted us with all that we had lacked all our lives! From physical comfort to material to, most importantly, love happiness and respect!
There is nothing I can do to thank my Lord enough! My heart and soul prostrate in gratitude for the Almighty. My eyes well with tears when I realize the Almighty's love for Creation. How He watches over each one of us individually! It is not just obligatory for us to thank Allah swt as a custom or religious ritual. That gratitude should fill our hearts. It should over whelm our senses. still it will never be enough! SubhanAllah! Alhamdolillah!