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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Go Green!

It is He Who has spread out the earth for (His) creatures:
055.011 Therein is fruit and date-palms, producing spathes (enclosing dates);
055.012 Also corn, with (its) leaves and stalk for fodder, and sweet-smelling plants.
055.013 Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny?
055.014 He created man from sounding clay like unto pottery...(surah-i-rahman)

We celebrated earth day. It was an activity in school. A celebration on television. A promotional activity for many brands... I admired the three plants that I own. Every morning I rise for fajr; draw open the curtains of my sitting area to allow sunlight to enter and fall on my still developing plants; and water the dry, thirsty soil of each plant. I dont even know their names. They are simply my plants. I purchased them while they were little buds sprouting from a handful of soil stuffed in tiny bags. Four months later they are small plants. All by the grace of Allah swt. The one and only who can give life to human babies, animals, earth worms, butter flies, lady bugs and all that survives and thrives on this planet and beyond!

Yet, we celebrate the "earth" day in an effort to "preserve" our planet!

Is that really our job? Can we really protect our world from the calamities that we, ourselves, have invited upon it? Are these calamities the result of pollution and de-forestation only? Can we help reconstruct the Ozone? Or is it possible for us to bring back the exticnt creatures?

The answer to all these questions is a firm "no". Yes, we can quit making the same mistakes over and over again. But will that save the planet? Ofcourse not! Allah swt is the sole savior of mankind and all of Creation. It is Him who controls our lives and the lives of each plant and animal.

I fall in love with His Creation with renewed joy and admiration every morning! I sing nasheeds joyously when I witness a new leaf unfurl! The purples, greens and oranges of these plants have filled my life with color! They are the only precious pieces of decoration that adorn my sitting area. Gone are the days when I had nightmares of dead, droopy, wilting plants when I initially had trouble figuring out the needs of my tiny plants. They seemed unhappy, and gave a sad-face effect with their droopy leaves. There was something wrong. I had bought them so healthy and young, what could possibly have gone wrong??!!! I re-checked my watering habits and changed their location. I did everything I could to help them grow but to no avail. Finally one morning, really quite suddenly, my plants seemed to blossom. The droopy ends of the tiny leaves seemed to perk up suddenly. The color appeared in their brown tips. It waa a transformation. Allah swt had saved my dear plants! Alhamdolillah. The fresh leaves and their colors breathed new life in us.

SubhanAllah. All praise is for Allah swt who has filled our lives with color. We can protect our environment by following the sunnah and the Quraanic teachings. Excessive use of water or any other amenity is advised against in our deen. Similarly, polluting the land is prohibited in islam. As for calamities, we also need to mend our ways to protect the earth from unwelcome environmental developments! Our actions and deeds have a huge contribution in these happenings. Science just provides an explanation for everything in our deen. It cannot provide solutions or cures to these problems. A simple study of deen will solve all our problems and help us recognize the might and power of Allah swt.

May Allah swt keep our world green and beautiful always, Ameen

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Reminders for the day:
1-Abdullah Ibn Mas'ood reported that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said, "Indeed Islam began new and strange and it shall return as it began - new and strange. So glad tidings to the strangers." [Muslim]

2-Too many study their neighbor's faults more closely than their Qur'an.

3-Prophet (SAW) said, "Whenever anyone of you invoke Allah for something, he should be firm in his asking, and he should not say: 'If You wish, give me...' for none can compel Allah to do something against His Will." (Bukhari)

Golden Reminders

1-Prophet (SAW) said,Whoever fulfils the needs of his brother, Allah will fulfil his needs; whoever removes the troubles of his brother, Allah will remove one of his troubles on the Day of Resurrection; and whoever covers up the fault of a Muslim, Allah will cover up his fault on the Day of Resurrection.” [Bukhari and Muslim]

2-"Beware of disobeying Allah when alone, for the witness is the Judge." Ali (ra)

3-‘Aisha (radi Allahu anha) says, “Do not ever stop standing in prayer at night. The Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) never ceased praying it. When he (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) was sick or weak, he prayed sitting.” [Al-bukhari, Al-muslim]


Monday, April 19, 2010

Allah u Akber!!!

Today's reminders have me completely over whelmed! JazakAllah to the group admins for managing their groups with loyalty, complete earnesty and hard work:

1-Prophet (SAW) said, “The Fire complained to its Lord saying, O Lord! I am eating up myself (burning), so Allah allowed it to release two breaths, one during the winter and one during the summer; the coldest days you experience result from the breath of Zamhareer (cold punishment in Hell), and the hottest days you experience result from the breath of Fire” (Bukhaari);

2-The Prophet (SAW) “The least among the people of Hell in punishment is one whose sandals and laces are of fire from which his brain boils as a pot of water would boil (when set on fire), he will not think that there is anyone being punished more than him, but in reality, he is the least in punishment” (Bukhaari & Muslim)

3-"Indeed, Allah will aid those who aid His cause. Indeed Allah is all-Powerful, all-Mighty." [22:40]

Sunday, April 18, 2010

how i learned to love the sun!

Since I have been born and brought up in a country where the sun is always shining bright, I never could fall in love with it! Inspite of all its glory and might, the shining star did not do enough to please me. It was always a much detested and much discussed focus of all conversations round the year. There were days when we wondered how it could possibly shine so painfully bright on winter mornings also! Then there was the very crazy discussion on how irritating and ruthless the star could be in summers( as if it could reduce it's energy in the HOT months of the year!)

Exams always managed to take place in hot, sweaty days. Whatever occassion or family event that, we as kids, were least interested in attending also happened when temperatures were rising high and activities like visiting the bazaars and dressing up were a loathsome duty! Oh how we disliked the heat and light of the Sun!

But what I failed to realize in the daze of youth, was the charm that this mighty star held! It took me a lifetime to see the sun in a different "light":)

Alhamdolillah in late March last year I went for my second umra with my husband and children. Once again we were wowed by everything. The people, the rites, the Harmain, zamzam, the ihraam ... everything was a matter of fascination and love. Devotion and sincerety take form for everybody during the journey to the Harmain. We feel close to Allah swt and here is where perceptions change!

It was always convenient for me to perform my nafl tawaaf and prayers after zuhr prayers. My dear husband stayed with the kids while I went about my prayers worry-free. On one such day, when Iwas in the Haram alone and I was done performing my voluntary prayers under the bright desert sun, I joined the many people rythmically moving around the kaaba and fell into the rythm. The sun continued to perform its duty with all might and dedication. My eyes closed, I went with the flow and recited my prayers under my beath. My back and head were wet with perspiration; as was everybody else's. But nobody was bothered about the heat and continued with their tawaaf. Since my children were safely enjoying an afternoon siesta, my mind was unoccupied. My thoughts only focused on my duaas. I gradually became unaware of all the activity around me. The freshly arrived groups of men and women in white performing their umra; the elderly managing their rites with bravery and strength; the young getting involved in the rites with vigour and excitement... I continued with my tawaaf, falling in love with the Almighty with each round; feeling my duaas being heard with every utterance; shedding tears with every movement i made. And then the defining moment took place! I passed under the shadow of the Holy Kaaba! It must have been my fourth round. And not my first tawaaf during the trip! But that epiphanous moment changed everything forever! I was sheltered by the Holy House of Allah from the burning heat of the Sun! It was unbelievable to have suddenly realized that Almighty Allah had been kind enough to have sheltered me in the shade of the Kaaba. I cried now, as if dams had been released. I sobbed uncontrollably! I moved out of the shade towards the sun-lit area to continue towards my next round. Oh how I loved the sun at that point, for had it not been for its heat I would not have experienced the shadow of the Kaaba on myself. SubhanAllah. I wondered how I had been so fortunate to have found shelter under the Kaaba from the glaring sun! It was probably not my luck, it was just an act of great mercy from Allah swt.
Today when I rise on a hot morning to refresh myself for fajr, I am touched by the beauty of the rays of sun filtering through my kitchen window, the curtains in my lounge and the tiny spaces in my wooden front door. I glorify Allah almighty for providing us with the magic of light, heat and their benefits. I open my doors and windows to welcome sun-light in every corner of my house, feeling bad for the corners where it does not reach; smiling at the plants that waited all night for the rise of dawn to fill themselves with color; hearing the happy sounds of birds who have quickly fallen into their daily routine!
Surely, there are signs for us in all of Allah's Creation!