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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Rain was pouring since morning today… since after fajr to be precise… It was refreshing to feel the cool winds blowing after fajr salaah… The sounds of rain and the sounds of dawn … It was a gorgeous morning, subhanAllah! I stayed up long after my namaz simply to cherish a morning that brought with itself cool winds that wafted through our sitting area filling it with a mossy rainy fragrance… subhanAllah!

The day went on with heavy and light spells of rain. The trees were greener than ever before… My plants raised their heads high and danced in the pitter patter of rain… The sky showed different shades of grey at intervals. Sometimes they cleared up a little to show another less grey layer of clouds…

Tap water was also delightfully cold all day today thanks to the drop in temperatures outside... Everyone seemed joyous and cheerful, alhumdulillah... I was fasting and did not feel the slightest of hunger and thirst, alhumdulillah! My Little Friend decided on an all-chinese menu for iftaar cum dinner... We busied ourselves with the preperations... The soup boiled and cooked in a huge pot, alhumdulillah...

Little Friend decided to retire a bit before Asr prayers... I sat with the children telling them of the importance of fasting, the blessings of Allah swt and the delight in abstination, alhumdulillah! And then suddenly there was a window-shattering clap of thunder and heavy rain started falling... This excited the kids and they ran to watch nature in action... Winds billowing; absolutely blinding rainfall creating pools of bubbles everywhere; the earth giving out steam creating fog all around us.... We stood mesmerized by the sight, and then it happened, the Asr adhaan! SubhanAllah! Among all the miracles of Allah swt, the adhaan just seemed like another miracle... A sound from the heavens... It over-whelmed me... Almost seeming unreal, it did not sound like the call to prayers but a call for us to literally turn ourselves in the direction of Allah swt... SubhanAllah!

Adhaan has touched the very core of my heart so many times before... At the birth of my children when their sweetest Abu in the world gave the call in their tiny red ears; the time when Mom closed her eyes to the world as the zuhr adhaan sounded; the time when I anxiously waited for the fajr adhaan after Little Friend's lovely mom left us; when a complete solar eclipse occured just as the muedhin began the Asr adhaan; and also when I first performed my umra... Today was another such instant when the Call gained a higher meaning for me... SubhanAllah!!!
All praise is for Allah swt who created the heavens and the earth!!!
Subhan Allahi Wabi Hamdihi
Subhan Allahil Adheem...

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  1. Khudaija Asif (Nagaria)Monday, 23 August, 2010

    It's beautiful Maryam...I don't have words to praise this piece of writing! It just goes out to tell how little things in life actually hold big meanings...Thanks for making a difference in my life! May Allah SWT give u the greatest Ajar, for your Jihaad! Ameen...


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