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Wednesday, October 6, 2010



I often look at my children when they are fast asleep alhumdulillah! And get mesmerized by their beautiful , innocent faces... Their eyes tight shut in anticipation of dreams taking them to journeys of fairylands and video game adventures... Their breath smooth and consistent... Their bodies curled into the shape of little fetuses!
That is when I wonder how difficult it is for a mother to detach her child from her physical self... The connection between a mother and child is never severed... Our hearts beat in unison... We can see the smile in our children's eyes... Feel the sadness in their voice... Catch their contagious excitement!
And then one day the Mother goes for Hajj... Allah u Akbar! She prepares for a journey that in turn prepares her for the Final Journey... She works on abandoning the world, shunning all that is evil and covering up for past mistakes... She pleads Allah to be in Mecca but feels her heart being torn into pieces when she thinks of leaving her off spring behind! Her off spring who will always rely on her for Dua'a and for love, no matter what age they reach... They will always need her guidance and her strength no matter how wise and strong they become themselves with time!

And then the mother reads this verse in the Noble Quraan:

"And the heart of the mother of Moses became void, and she would have betrayed him if we had not fortified her heart, that she might be of the believers."
verse #10, Surah Al-Qisas, Juz- 20

Ya Allah the kindness and mercies of our Lord are beyond our understanding! He swt strengthens and "fortifies" a mother's heart so that she may earn His swt's pleasure and serve deen!

He swt makes it such that she willingly parts with her children in the way of the Creator... She not only abandons the world without thinking twice, she also willingly obeys the Creator without any question or doubt... She abandons her child to the custody of her Lord... She puts her trust in His Mighty Being... And all because she knows it is the will of Allah swt!
I now understand how my mom travelled for a forty day hajj 30 years back while my eldest siblings were almost little toddlers! 
My vision broadened to look beyond the "im"possibility of the situation! Without the availibility of any telephone facilities in those time, she simply relied on her trust in Allah swt and telepathy! SubhanAllah!
And then I saw how Allah swt will inshAllah make it possible for me to make pilgrimage! Neither will it be my decision to head for the auspicious journey, nor will my heart break for my children InshAllah! This simple ayaah taught me so much, subhanAllah!