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Friday, September 24, 2010


OK, so this is how this post actually started:
Almost fifteen years back, or maybe more, my cousin was chosen as the child star for a tooth paste advertisement... It was an ordinary advertisement showing a father and son rising in the morning to the yummy fragrance and taste of this particular tooth paste... But what made it different was it's punch line which went,"You have gotten up, but have you really woken up from sleep as yet???!!!" This phrase just stuck forever in my head... It was meant to be catchy for sure, I mean it was for marketing purposes after all, but I felt it really held depth... I mean when we say re-awakened what does it really imply?? The correct synonyms would be, "revive, rekindle or resuscitate"... In simpler words, bring back to life... So has my faith really revived over time?
And then AliF visited and the post took a slight turn:)
My gorgeous deeni sister dropped by to brighten my Juma'a! She looked the usual, lovely self MashAllah! Her insightful conversation had been missing from my life for quite a bit now and I was really pleased to see her alhumdulillah!
Anyhow, she actually came by to inform me of a certain group on fb that has been started by a very famous Pakistani journalist... His humorous/sarcastic articles have been a part of Pakistan's most prestigiousEnglish  news paper for a very long time now... He is one very intelligent human being and is a gifted writer...

Now, AliF was very concerned about how so many muslims she knows have turned towards atheism! Certainly a genuine reason to feel grief and frustration... And then the other major concern she felt was about writers like the one in discussion who become atheists with time and impose their views on their readers!

She decided that I was the person she wanted to see so that I would write on the discussion board of the group and atleast raise some voice for reason... Which is why I decided that I would contribute to the discussion board as well as direct the theme for today's post towards this motive; as re-awakening has a lot to do with it!
Atheists are usually very intelligent people... I know some personally( such a sad fact! ) and others that I have heard of, all have some common traits:
1- They are well-qualified individuals;
2- They connect everything with science;
3- Their are stubborn in their opinions;
4- They do not desire to see the light;
5- In most cases they like to believe that
 they are liberal-minded/broad-minded individuals...

My post might not seem well-researched(and certainly is not!), but is based on facts and experience... Now, if one goes over these traits slowly, it would not be difficult to see that these folks are actually ignoring the very teachings of Islam while indirectly applying them to their lives! Any intelligent mind(like how we see in the case of reverts) is automatically drawn towards Islam for it's precision and correctness! But this group of people fails to SUBMIT themselves to the Truth... It is this thin line that seperates them from the rest of us!

Same would be the case if they just realized for an instant even that all science originates from The Quraan itself! All they have to do is to go over the translation of the Holy Quraan and they will see it for themselves... Our Quraan revealed the truth about the beginning of man from a mere clot while science discovered it 30 years back(THE CLOT)!!!

Their "belief" in "dis-belief" hinders them from seeing the "light"... They fail to recognize the Truth because of their stubborness! They are adamant on NOT being convinced! Perhaps this is what Allah swt implies when He says that the disbelievers have their hearts locked and sealed! SubhanAllah!

In their effort to seem "modern thinkers" these individuals are liberal in their ideas only as far as eating, drinking and dressing AGAINST the rules of Islam is concerned! Like the French who are condemning the veil thinking that they are FREEING the mulim woman from suppression, these FALSE modern-thinkers have a very limited vision in reality! They see modernism in half-dressed women, wine and consuming haram food!

Now to sum up my connection between "reawakening" and "atheism"... These intelligent human beings, who are worshippers of science and are quite vehement in their views and prove to be very out spoken, could be "gateways" to knowledge... If only reawakening happened to them and they saw the thin line they have to tread upon to enter the circle of deen! They just have to pick a copy of the Quraan and apply that knowledge to their intelligent minds and to their modern philosophies... They have to quit being judgemental and leave space for debate...
They will have to invest the knowledge they ALREADY possess in the way of deen... and...VOILA! We will have lovely reawakened muslims in the ummah...

Ya Allah swt, please guide these individuals in to using their minds and abilities to see the Truth, Ameen!
Ya Allah swt, let not these individuals impose their views on others, Ameen!
Ya Allah swt, let satan fail in his efforts and protect the ummah from all such evils, Ameen!

Alhumdulillah for the reawakening that Allah swt provided me with... Not that I was an atheist, but was in dire need to rekindle my faith! I could not thank Allah swt enough for His bounties and especially for helping me use my mind towards exploring deen!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Alhumdulillah this year Pakistan is experiencing an early winter... I cannot say much about my city, it's not cold as yet, but the feeling is there! The early morning chill, the fragrance of winter at night, the nostalgia... Oh it's gorgeous already alhumdulillah...
I can feel silence in the air... When tea boils in the morning, the aroma settles in the quiet, still air... It lingers on for quite sometime, till we dont shake it out of the curtains and wipe it away with the dust cloth and mop... Till it stays it keeps us feeling cosy...
Yahya cannot decide whether it's cold or not... After a shower he feels chilly... Soon after it gets hot... I explain himit's just the weather changing it's mood! SubhanAllah for the wonders of nature and the wonders of Allah swt!!!
I still don't feel cold ofcourse (there is no reason to!) but snuggling up with a book is already so much fun!

 Colors already seem more vibrant... I'm looking for reasons to add oranges and rusts to the sitting area inshAllah!

I am terribly missing the gorgeous winters of our northern areas! The coming of autumn dulls it to grey and orange hues... Winters bring bright hues on people while the weather becomes grey... Fruit stalls get piled with bright colored fruits ranging from pomegranates to oranges... Traditional wraps, shawls and cloaks brighten the surroundings... The mountain ranges look humble in the dull grey environment... Frothy cups of coffee release picturesque wisps of steam, that curl artistically and hover over the cups in the still air... 

It is not just a season! It is a matter of joy... A matter of recognizing the might of the Lord! It's about falling in love with our surroundings... The consistency of nature to change every now and then... Presenting us with oppurtunities to celebrate the fruits of nature! Alhumdulillah!

Oh how gracious is the Almighty! SubhanAllah! Gracious for the Hot summers, the cold winters, the dry autumns and the festive springtimes! Alhumdulillah for these blessings of Allah swt! Certainly there are signs in the setting and rising of the sun and moon for the believers! As for the coming and going of the seasons, they are clear signs of His miracles and His powers! SubhanAllah!